"Esun Ikh Belge" company founded "Heaven envoy" tourist camp in one of the most beautiful places of Mongolia: at the Gokhi Terelj region of Khan Khentii protected area, which is 57 km from Ulaanbaatar city, 100 m from main Terelj road. Terelj, on the Terelj River, bank is spectacular valley with high - eroded rock formations, pine covered mountains and grasslands carpeted with perennial wildflowers and edelweiss. The Park is home to over 250 species of birds, and many rare and endangered animals, including the brown bear, wild wolves, boar, maral deer, marmots, lemming and moose. The area offers great routes for and sightseeing either along the Tuul River or on the slopes of the gentle mountains. The adventurous can go by horse to Black Lake - a beautiful ride. Also nearby is Turtle Rock, a reptile- shaped rock formation created by a glacier - you can climb right inside.

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In the hotel building we offer you 4 comfortable standard room with shared bathroom and 2 room with private bathroom. All rooms located in the 3 th floor of the building. Our winter heating is electric.


We have a total of 20 gers on the property. These gers are equipped with two, three or four single beds. Gers, the traditional felt tents of nomadic herders, provide a wonderful balance between nature and comfort. Hand-made using a latticed wood structure covered with layers of felt and canvas, each ger is heated by a wood stove and furnished with beautifully painted wood furniture. Western-style bathroom and shower facilities are located in the main hotel building found a few hundred feet from the gers. Our camp serves with soft and wide beds for its guests. Bedding is good & soft, will make you feel at home. We provide with extra blankets for the cooler nights. Our ger keepers start fire for you and can keep setting fire from time to time during colder nights. Also attendants for each ger with daily housekeeping.